ANBI Status of St. Mary’s Church Rotterdam 2017


  1. Name: St. Mary’s Anglican and Episcopal Church Rotterdam
  2. Constitutional position: Church in the Archdeaconry of North West Europe/Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland ( It is governed by the ecclesiastical law of the Church of England and constitution and rules of the Diocese in Europe
  3. RSIN:824152360
  4. URL/website address:
  5. Email address/telephone number: 0031 (0)6 1678 1614
  6. Visiting address with postal code: Pieter de Hoochweg 131, 3024 BG Rotterdam
  7. Postal address with postal code: Pieter de Hoochweg 131, 3024 BG Rotterdam
  8. Church Officers: one Locum Priest, one Curate, one Churchwarden, one Deacon, one Lay Reader, one honorary Secretary, one honorary Treasurer, 9 Council members.
  9. Salaries policy: The church shall have such stipendiary clergy and other ministers as is agreed between the Bishop and the church council. Their stipends shall be determined in accordance with or on the basis of stipulations made by, on behalf or with the concurrence of the Bishop. Neither stipendiary or salaried staff, nor volunteer officers or councillors, will receive any remuneration or other financial compensation, however named, in respect of their work in governing the church; and such activities shall not be deemed to establish any claim to tax exemption or tax-exempt payments. Exceptional expenses may be compensated financially only to the maximum nominal amount.


  1. Policy plan: The national policy plan is to be found at the website of the Archdeaconry. The Chaplaincy may have paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount.
  2. Objectives: Mission to Seafarers, Havenzicht homeless shelter, Cheryl’s Children’s Home Kenya,Youth Development Project in Sierra Leone, working alongside our patrons the Intercontinental Church Society in worship and mission.
  3. Activities Report: In the past year we involved ourselves with the Annual British Christmas Bazaar, concerts in church, restoration of the church. Our activities also include Choir, Sunday School, Senior memebers. Many of our lay members work in partnership with  the Mission to Seafarers in caring for the spiritual needs and welfare of seafarers in the Port of Rotterdam.

Financial 2017

  1. Statement of income and expenses:
Income fromAmount
 - voluntary contributions and interests: € 47.560
 - activities:   €  6.443
 - subsidies:   €   2.065


Expenses onAmount
 - running costs church:   €  63.883
 - other costs:     €    3.249

Church running costs include:
- chaplain’s costs
- service and administration costs
- fabric (restoration and maintenance)
- Diocesan and Archdeaconry quotas

  1. Statement of intended disbursements in coming year:
Intended disbursementAmount
 - running costs church: € 67.000
 - charities:     €   1.000
 - restoration  organ:   € 16.000
 - removal of asbestos € 10.000