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What we do

Our biggest event of the year is our Annual British Christmas Bazaar on the first Saturday of November. You can find Dutch and English books, groceries, gifts, antiques, cakes, lotteries with beautiful prizes, and a tearoom. Call our church phone for more details around that time.

We also have bible study groups and a DIY group. We organise Sunday lunches and social evenings with food and music.

Our church can be rented for weddings (€295), baptisms (free) or funerals (€125) with your own priest (max 120 people).

Please contact Anneke Barends, Churchwarden at 078-6763910 for further details.

Maundy Thursday
17 April


Maundy Thursday
The derivation of the word Maundy has at least two possibilities for the origin.

1) Through Middle English and Old French mandé, from Latin mandatum, commandment;  

2) from the Latin mendicare, Old French mendier, and English maund, which means “to beg” (verb) or a “small basket” (noun) held out by maunders (beggars) as they maunded (begged). The service is a Eucharist, in remembrance that on this evening, the Lord instituted the holy communion, when He shared the last supper with his disciples.  

Several denominations have the tradition that the priest washes the feet of the people who attend the service; at St Mary’s, we do not keep this tradition

The tradition that we do keep is that the altar will be stripped (by members of the congregation) of all that reminds us of the joy in the Lord since the following day is Good Friday, the day when we remember and mourn the suffering and death of our Lord on the Cross, for our sins.



Good Friday
18 April

Good Friday
During the service, we read texts from the Bible; these text will be reflected on by listening to three aria’s (from the Messiah-Haendel; the Stabat Mater- Haydn; the Matthaeus Passion – Bach). These are sung by a soloist (Alisa Kasmir) accompanied by the organ (David van der Vlies); we will pray together and sing two hymns. With the prayers, we acknowledge our guilt and our sins and ask for forgiveness. We mourn and we repent.

You are invited and are most welcome to attend both services. They are a good and sober preparation for the joy of Easter

Easter Sunday
20 April
10.30 am - Sung Eucharist

We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord on Sunday 20 April at 10.30 am. It is the most joyous Sung Eucharist of the year, please come and celebrate with us!

Every Tuesday 7.30 pm (NOT in Holy Week)
Every Thursday 10.00 am (NOT in Holy Week)